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Lewkin Good Try On

Lewkin Good in Garosu-gil

(Cece, Bich) Universe Lettered Sleeveless Mini Dress IU20

Lewkiss: Cece, Bich, Margot, Ines
Date: July 2022
Location: Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong, Seoul Korea

Dear Lewkiss,

We are finally ready to officially introduce our Lewkin Good Try On Event to you ! Lewkin is a place where you can find Korean newest fashion trends and dress as your favorite Korean K-pop star or celebrity. We want every K-fashion lover to be able to express themselves through our clothes and this is why we offer an affordable way to do it with Lewkin ! We have been working extremely hard to meet our Lewkiss in person and share our passion for Korean fashion with you!

(Cece, Bich) Ribbed Zip-Up Strapless Mini Dress IU20

(Cece - left) Zebra Print Spandex Tube Top IU20, Figure-Hugging Banded Pants IU20
(Bich - right) Ruched Sleeveless Bodycon Dress IU20

About last night...

Every week we invite some beautiful Lewkiss currently living or traveling around Korea to try on some of our clothes and have a nice time together with Lewkin Unnies! Let's see how gorgeous our Lewkiss were:

(Cece - left) Oversized Button-Down Shirt CU18, Halterneck Sleeveless Top CU18, Summer Denim Shorts
(Bich - right) CU15 Distressed Fishnet Knit CU19

This time, four beautiful girls from four different countries came to meet us. First we had some fun at the hotel in the heart of bustling Garosu-gil and then we hit the streets of Seoul to show off the girls wearing Lewkin!

(Cece - left) Layered Scarf Top CU15, Nylon Wide Leg Pants CU15

(Cece, Bich) Hero Print Pleated Slit Pants IU20


Our Lewkin Good Try On Event was not the first time we were seeing Cece. This Spanish Lewkiss came to our studio for the previous event and we took some fun pictures together! Actually she introduced us to Margot and Nessa, because all three of them studied together here in Korea at Sookmyung Women's University. We cannot wait to see Cece again!


This gorgeous Vietnamese girl came to us from Germany and just left us speechless when we met her! She is beautiful in and out and we regret so much she had to leave Seoul. Our clothes matched her perfectly and we are so so sad we had to let her go! But we are hoping for seeing her very soon and to have her at our Lewkin Good Event again in the future!

(Cece - left) Tube Top and Sweat Pants Set

(Bich - left) Digital Graphic Sleeveless Bodycon Maxi Dress IU20
(Cece - right) Metalic Halterneck Crop Top IU20, Pocketed Denim Pants CU19

(Cece - left) Halterneck Layered Mini Dress CU14
(Bich - right) New York Print Ribbed Tank Top CU13, Striped Linen Wide Pants CU14

The next morning...

Margot and Ines came over to start te day together in the streets of Seoul. Let's take a look. 

(Margot, Ines) Chae Halterneck Mini Dress IU20


Margot came to Korea all the way from romantic France to do her year abroad and to practice Korean! Back at home learning Korean is a part of her major so visiting Korea has given her wonderful opportunity to practice her language skills! She talked in Korean with us as well and let me tell you: we were impressed! We wish to see her soon and we keep our fingers crossed for her master degree in France!

(Ines - left) Buckle Chained Short Sleeve Cardigan CU15, Vintage Bleached Wide Pants CU14
(Margot - right) Corset Lace-Up Ribbed Sleeveless Top CU18, Low-Rise Sweat Pants CU15

(Margot - left) Banded Shorts CU19
(Ines - right) Spandex Banded Biker Shorts IU11

(Ines - left) Shirred Halterneck Sleeveless Top CU13, Pintuck Wide Leg Cotton Pants CU14
(Margot - right) Wrinkled Back Slit Cropped T-Shirt CU14, Pin-tuck Nylon Wide Leg Pants CU13


We also had a pleasure to meet Nessa. She left UK and came to Korea as an exchange student. We enjoyed chatting with her about her experiences here in Seoul and future plans. We do not want to jinx it, but you guys might be seeing her very very soon back in Korea in a different role!!

(Margot - left) Pocketed Short Sleeve Shirt CU15, Striped Button-Down Maxi Skirt CU18
(Ines - right) Round Neck Short Sleeve Knit Top CU19, Linen Slit Maxi Skirt CU19

(Margot, Ines) Universe Lettered Sleeveless Mini Dress IU20

(Margot - left) Open Drawstring Cropped Cardigan CU15, Bootcut Summer Jeans CU19
(Ines - right) Lace-Up Ruffle Cami Top CU15, Basic Wide Leg Denim Pants CU18

See all the outfits we below. All items are tagged. :)

Lewkin Good Try On


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