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Lewkin Good Try On

Lewkin Good in New York

Chiffon Puff Long Sleeve Blouse OS26
Side Button Wide Vest OS26
Front Button Long Skirt OS26

Lewkiss: Iseul
Instagram @shin_2seul
Height: 165 cm, 5’35
Waist: 25 in
Usually wears size S
Location: New York

Dear Lewkiss,

How are you doing?
Days are becoming cooler little by little. The air feels already freezing and it is time to layer up your best clothing.

Winter is almost here and everything is being decorated for the season. Lights, Snowmen and Santa Clauses are all around. This season comes every year with some dreamy vibes, don't you think so? Even though the weather is not that nice for being outside, you still can enjoy a lot of seasonal activities and foods everywhere.

And for the ones who prefer staying at home, who is not willing for a movie night under a warm and soft blanket, while having some hot chocolate or warm coffee?

But even though the weather became chilly, that is not going to stop us from being cool and fabulous everyday. So we are determined to show up the best of ourselves in every way we can.

That is why today I decided to take you Lewkiss with me on my trip to the US, and I am really excited to share all my Lewkin outfits with you!

Let’s go to the US together!

Definitely one of my favorites outfits was this one: a black two piece set of vest and maxi skirt with a white blouse underneath. It made me feel so elegant and chic. And it was also perfect for layering it with a really warm coat or jacket.

Chiffon Puff Long Sleeve Blouse OS26
Side Button Wide Vest OS26
Front Button Long Skirt OS26

Ready at the Grand Central Station!

Nude color bermuda pants with a beige knit: this neutral color outfit matching with a pair of black knee high boots, gives you the best look for traveling around the city, feeling comfortable at the same time but also giving you that professional style you are looking for. Just take your bag and camera and you are ready to explore!

Vintage High Waist Cotton Wide Shorts OS22

Visiting Coney Island for the first time  

During my trip to New York I visited Coney Island, an entertainment area in the southwest of Brooklyn.

I was looking for an outfit which allowed me to walk for a few hours without feeling too tight. So this time I decided to go for a unisex style, perfect for that fall day's sunny and slightly warm weather. I put on the best wide jeans ever, not too thick nor too thin, a basic oversize blue shirt and my cap to protect my eyes from the sun. This place reminded me of Gangneung in Korea. It was so calm and relaxing and I've been able to walk around and take all the pictures I wanted.

Washing Color Wide Leg Cotton Pants OS15

The England Country inspired Lewk

For my last outfit I wanted something more casual but classy at the same time. So don't you think this one looks like a British Country Style outfit? You don't need anything really different or special to recreate this kind of style. Just go for a simple knit, with a basic shirt to layer up with if you like, and a pair of pants. The final touch are the knee high boots! This is what gives the outfit that exact detail that completes the look.

Deep Color Semi Crop Basic Shirt OS22
V-Neck Twist Crop Long Sleeve Knit OS22

Thinking about New York, the city that never sleeps, makes me think about art, lights, hot dogs, movies, but especially fashion. This is the birthplace of a lot of famous designers and one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Filled with different cultures it became the trendsetter on an international level, and fashion floods its streets. Not only celebrities but everyone in this city stands out for their fashion sense and personality when it comes to dressing.

Coming to this place was a dream come true. I tried delicious food, visited amazing places and art galleries and felt the New Yorker creativity in all its shapes. It was an awesome experience and I'm so happy I was able to share it with you Lewkiss too.

Remember, you are lewkin good today! 

#lewkingood #lewkingoodtoday #youarelookinggoodtoday

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