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Lewkin Good Try On

Lewkin Good in Seoul

Striped Knit Sweater #Lewkin Original #1126k111
Chain Pocket Mini Skirt #Lewkin Original #1126k102

Lewkiss: Radhika
Instagram @radhika_bangia
Height: 169 cm, 5'6
Waist: 25 in
Usually wears size S
Location: Seoul

Dear Lewkiss,

HAPPY 2023!

Are you having an excellent start to the year?

We are working hard to bring you the best Korean fashion! Because there is no better reward for us than to make our Lewkiss happy.

Striped Knit Sweater #Lewkin Original #1126k111
Chain Pocket Mini Skirt #Lewkin Original #1126k102

Even if we already introduced you to our Lewkiss Radhika, we want to do it differently this time.

She came to Korea and collab with us by showing our clothing around the city.

Tweed Blazer and Mini Skirt Set J31

Visiting Seoul!

Korea is known for its excellent personal care and taste in aesthetics, which can also be reflected in its people's clothing. So of course she decided to wear her best outfits on her trip.

She visited many famous spots and areas in the city, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Yonsei University, Hongdae, and Gangnam. So she even took some time to save those moments by creating a lot of different reels and taking many pictures.

We cannot deny she was having so much fun during her trip.

Turtleneck Top J4
Knee High Boots J23

Open Back Tie Wool Cardigan OS15
Pleated Miniskirt CS14

Knitted Sleeveless Cardigan Set IU26


She enjoyed her leisure time while doing many activities, like visiting a cat cafe or dancing to her favorite K-Pop song. As a K-pop fan, this is something she couldn't miss doing while being in Korea!

V-Neck Wool Basic Plain Color Cardigan OS22
Bolero Strap Top Set IS05

Stripes Wavy Round Neck Crop T-Shirt IO12
Pleated Miniskirt CS14

Have you ever dreamed about dancing to the most popular K-Pop song while dressing like a K-Pop star?

Radhika is a really good dancer, so we recommend you check some of her dancing videos.

Two Color Button Shirt Cardigan And Pleated Skirt Set BO11

Pleated Miniskirt CS14

Train to Busan!

Luckily this trip was different from the famous movie for her, but as an ARMY, she decided she couldn't miss visiting Jimin's city during this trip.

Comfy clothing is always the best when you have to spend too many hours on a train, but you can still be the most fashionable one there.

Atlanta Lettering Baseball Cap OG24
Cropped Camisole Top F22
Wide Leg Training Pants BO04

Seoul is a city you must visit at least once in your life. Life feels so different during day or night, and you can experience so many different things you will enjoy for sure.

Remember, you are lewkin good today! 

#lewkingood #lewkingoodtoday #youarelookinggoodtoday

Lewkin is a place where you can find Korean newest fashion trends and dress as your favorite Korean K-pop star or celebrity.

We want every K-fashion lover to be able to express themselves through our clothes and this is why we offer an affordable way to do it with Lewkin! We have been working extremely hard to meet our Lewkiss in person and share our passion for Korean fashion with you!

See all the outfits below. All items are tagged. :)


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