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Meet Our Lewkiss | Feb 2023

Get to know LUMY

Instagram: @avelmy
Height: 168cm, 5'5
Waist: 27 Inch
Size: S / M

Could you introduce yourself to Lewkiss?

Hi Lewkiss,

My name is Lumy. When someone asks where I am from, I proudly answer that I am from Jakarta. Jakarta is a city that is full of flavors and has a unique charm with its moody rains. I am always happy to share my love for my hometown with others.

Two Color Cropped Jacket CF324
Graphic Cropped Tee CF323
Faux Leather Mini Skirt BF328
Platform Loafer Mules CF327

What brought you to Korea?

Moving to Korea was a decision I made to pursue my dreams, seek new experiences and perspectives, and find a sense of freedom that I felt was lacking in my life back home. Although the decision to move was not easy, as it involved leaving behind familiar surroundings and loved ones, I am grateful for the opportunities and growth that have come with it. In retrospect, I realize that many of us who came to Korea were not fully aware of the challenges.

Plus Faux Leather Two Way Zip-Up Jacket IF317
Ripped Sweater CF323
Cargo Maxi Skirt CF324

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Disney Channel. Joking but not really. I get exposed to a myriad of different styles from the internet and everyone I meet in real life, and I think my style is a reimagined mix of all of those. I try to stay away from black and incorporate more colours into my fits.

Plus Collared Oversized Jacket IF317
Other product information will be updated soon.

What is your preferred fashion style?

When it comes to fashion, comfort is always my top priority. I believe that when you are comfortable in what you're wearing, you exude confidence and radiate positivity. The rest of my fashion choices depend on the image that I want to portray in that moment, which can be influenced by my mood or the occasion.

Lace Up Ribbed Knit Tube Top BF324
Baggy Cargo Track Pants Unisex CF327

What aspect of Lewkin do you find most appealing?

What I appreciate about Lewkin as a fashion brand is the way they embrace and showcase a wide range of styles and designs, resulting in a creative clash that is both unique and visually exciting. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in the pieces they produce. Additionally, I value their dedication to ethical and sustainable production practices, which aligns with my own values and concerns about the impact of fashion on the environment and society. Overall, I feel that Lewkin represents a fresh and innovative approach to fashion that appeals to my personal taste and values.

Straight Wide Leg Cotton Pants BF328

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