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Meet Our Lewkiss | Aug 2022

Get to know Cailin

Instagram @toasterbots
Height: 175 cm, 5'9
Waist: 28 in
Usually wears size S-M

Where are you from?

Cailin: I am from Australia.

What brought you to Korea?

Cailin: I wanted to experience a new culture and when researching I came across a few tumblr blogs and Youtubers who lived in Korea. I really enjoyed reading and watching their daily lives and the adventures they got up to so I was inspired to come to Korea.

Button Crop Cardigan CG04
Stripped Washing Denim Pants CU28

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Cailin: I mostly get inspiration from fashion bloggers on Instagram. I am also very inspired by Bella Hadid. She has such fantastic style.

Shirt Wrap Dress IG09

What kind of fashion style do you like?

Cailin: There are two main styles I like - minimal chic and edgy tomboy. I love neutral colors with simple pieces but mixing them with leather and oversize pieces.

Basic Button Dress CG04

Wrap Blouse CG04
Crystal Golf Miniskirt CG03

What do you like about Lewkin?

Cailin: I love the options! There are so many different styles available so it is quite easy to find something you will love. I think Lewkin is great for someone who is into fashion and wants to create a wardrobe that is unique and stylish.

Knit Short Sleeve T-Shirt CG03
Button Down Set-Up Pleated Maxi Skirt OG16

Deep Round Neck Crop Knit with Button OG16
Nylon String Bending Pants CG03

Patterned See Through Lon Dress CG02

See Cailin try on Lewkin clothes. All items are tagged. :)


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