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Meet Our Lewkiss | Nov 2022

Get to know Katy & Daniel

KATY TIKTOK @ricecakesss_
Height: 166 cm, 5’5
Waist:  26 in
Usually wears size S

Where are you from?

Katy & Daniel: We are from Germany.

What brought you to Korea?

Katy & Daniel: We came to Korea with our family since Korea is such a fashionable country and we love trying different styles! Also Korean food is amazing.

(Katy) Ruffle Sleeves Zipper Jumper Jacket IO19
(Daniel) Relaxed Fit Faux Leather Jacket J24

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Katy & Daniel: We get it from K-pop idols or sometimes just wear whatever makes us feel good!

Wide Leg Faded Color Denim Pants CO11

Ruffle Sleeves Zipper Jumper Jacket IO19

What kind of fashion style do you like?

Katy & Daniel: We love Y2K, acubi and Korean fashion.

What do you like about Lewkin?

Katy & Daniel: We love Lewkin because it’s very affordable and the quality is amazing. Everything looks just like on the models!

(Daniel) Oversize Net Knit Unisex CO13
Wide Leg Faded Color Denim Pants CO11

(Katy) Twist Pattern V-Neck Crop Vest CO17
Faded Washing Bootcut Denim Pants CO17

Watch Katy's Lewkin Haul on TIKTOK

@ricecakesss_ All the outfits, shoes, bags are from Lewkin! Use our code: “BLINGDUO” to get 20% off! @Lewkin | K-fashion #fyp #viet #korea #style #acubifashion #kfashion #ootd #outfit #cargo #fitspo ♬ original sound - 🖤

Lettering Print Side Cross Tie Top CO18
Wide Cargo Bending Pants CO12

Crop Short Sleeve Knit Top And Warmer Set CO14
Side Pocket A-Line Mini Skirt CO12

See Daniel and Katy try on Lewkin clothes. All items are tagged. :)


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