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Meet Our Lewkiss | Aug 2022

Get to know Dayeon

Instagram @peace.yeon
Height: 164 cm, 5'5
Waist: 25in
Usually wears size XS or S

Where are you from?

Dayeon: I am from Korea. I have been working as a freelancer model and cafe barista and I currently I am training to become a tattoo artist!

Checkerboard Knit Bustier CY27

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Dayeon: It's a little bit specific, but since I am into Hip hop a lot I watch a lot of videos related to it ad get inspired. I also like anime so if the fashion style in the manga is pretty, I search and study it thoroughly to apply it later to my own fashion sense. 

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress CJ03

What kind of fashion style do you like?

Dayeon: There is no one specific style I follow, I tend to wear anything that I find pretty, but I prefer more of a basic style with a twist of accessories rather than just not matching random pieces.

Lacy Flower Print Cardigan BY31
Basic Denim Shorts CY31

Ribbed Cropped T-Shirt CJ03
Torn Hem Denim Shorts CY27

What do you like about Lewkin?

Dayeon: I felt Lewkin suits me while working as a model here.I think it's fun to try a lot of different styles and be very trendy and this is what I can easily do with Lewkin :)

Linen Stitch Detail Cropped Jacket CY26
Torn Hem Shorts CY27

Loosefit T-shirt with Graphic Print CY27

See Dayeon try on Lewkin clothes. All items are tagged. :)


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