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Meet Our Lewkiss | Dec 2022

Get to know Hillze

Instagram @hillze23
Height: 162 cm, 5’3
Waist: 31 in
Usually wears size L-XL

Where are you from?

Hillze: I’m from South Africa.

What brought you to Korea?

Hillze: I first came when I was 3 with my parents and I am currently living here to finish my degree in fashion and architecture.

Product information will be updated soon :)

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Hillze: I’m a fashion major student and it's always the first and last thing I think about on a normal day.

Plus Elastic Ankle Cargo Pants IN16

Slim Fit Maxi Skirt ID02
Button Off-Shoulder Long Sleeves Top ON21

Button Long Coat ON23
Zip-Up Neck Waist String Long Dress ON18

What kind of fashion style do you like?

Hillze: I don’t really have a style but I think it all depends on my mood and the weather. Some days I wear street style and other days I like being more girly.

Bootcut Knit Pants ID02
V-Neck Loose Fit Knit Top ON25

Side Cut Slim Fit Midi Dress IN22

What do you like about Lewkin?

Hillze: I love how welcoming and friendly everyone was and I love that anyone (no matter what size, race, etc...) can do the try-on. I feel like not a lot of brands do that. I just want to thank you guys for the opportunity. I had so much fun.

Zipper Knit Jacket ON28
Side Tie Layered Skirt And Maxi Pants ON24

Faux Fur String Long Coat ON28
Unbalanced Side Tie Long Sleeve Knit ON28

See Hillze try on Lewkin clothes. All items are tagged. :)


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