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Meet Our Lewkiss | Aug 2022

Get to know Narimane 

Instagram @iamso._
Height: 160 cm, 5'3
Usually wears size M

Where are you from?

Narimane: I’m from France.

What brought you to Korea?

Narimane: I am studying here as an exchange student at Hongik Uiversity.

Mesh Baggy Cropped Collar Shirt CM10

Mesh Baggy Cropped Collar Shirt CM10

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Narimane: I get my fashion inspiration from some pictures I found on Pinterest or sometimes I like to get my inspiration from my favorite IG influencers.

What kind of fashion style do you like?

Narimane: I live vintage and chic fashion style.

Graphic Print Crop Top CM6

Printed Oversized T-Shirt CA27

What do you like about Lewkin?

Narimane: I’d say most of Lewkin clothes are the types of clothes I can wear everyday, the quality is also good and most important thing is the price which is reasonable for the products they are offering.

Drawstring Waist Detail Wide Leg Sweats CA27

Gradient Raw Hem Denim Shorts CA27
Textured Collar Crop Top CM3

Graphic Print Tube Top CA28

See Narimane try on Lewkin clothes. All items are tagged. :)

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