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Meet Our Lewkiss | Dic 2022

Get to know Nerea

Instagram @neesanz
Height: 164 cm, 5’5
Waist: 26 in
Usually wears size S

Where are you from?

Nerea: I'm from Spain.

What brought you to Korea?

Nerea: After a few years living in Taiwan I got the opportunity to change my job and came to Korea. Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to try by myself all the delicious food in this country, so this was a good motivation.

Hooded Zipper Soft Fur Jacket ON22
Lettering Print Long Sleeves Top BN22
Plus Elastic Ankle Cargo Pants IN16

Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve Top ID02
Button Long Coat ON23
Maxi Denim Pants ON23

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Nerea: I always had my own personal style. I try avoiding “trendy” clothes because I feel everybody is wearing the same and this is not something I like.

Knit Pleated Mini Dress ON24
Wooden Button Plaid Coat ON28

What kind of fashion style do you like?

Nerea: I usually go for white/black/beige tones adding a touch of colour with some accessories. But because of my job, I usually have to wear formal clothes, so business or business casual is what I wear the most.

One Shoulder Strap Knit Top ON23

Heart Fur Crop Jacket BN22
One Shoulder Strap Knit Top ON23

One Shoulder Strap Knit Top ON23

What do you like about Lewkin?

Nerea: I’m surprisingly in love with Lewkin’s street style clothing. What I like the most is the diversity of clothing you can find, and that no matter what style I have in mind I can probably find it and replicate it.

Wide Zipper Jacket ON24
Button Off-Shoulder Long Sleeves Top ON21
Corduroy Pleated Mini Skirt ON21

Long Sleeves Crop Knit ON23
Thin Straps Pleated Mini Dress ON23

Oversize Knit Turtleneck ID02

See Nerea try on Lewkin clothes. All items are tagged. :)


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