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Meet Our Lewkiss | Feb 2023

Get to know Rebecca

Instagram @becky_is_a_mermaid
Height: 165 cm, 5'4
Waist: 29 in
Usually wears size M

Hello everyone,

I'm a study abroad student currently in Seoul, Korea and I wanted to share my experience with Lewkin. First of all, let me introduce myself - I'm from Liverpool, United Kingdom and I'm here in Korea on a study abroad year.

Cropped Knit Top And Cardigan Set BF303
Mid-Wash Cargo Jeans BF303

Product information will be updated soon :)

I've always been fascinated by Korean culture, especially after watching a lot of K-Dramas and getting into K-Pop. I was thrilled when I found out that my home university had a partnership with a university in Seoul and I jumped at the opportunity to study here.

Product information will be updated soon :)

Mini Shirt Dress With Belt BF307

When it comes to fashion, I take inspiration from various sources such as Instagram and Pinterest. I have a strong interest in Korean fashion, especially streetwear and gender-neutral styles. I love wearing oversized and baggy clothes, and I'm drawn to dark, cool colors like black, brown, blue, and green. I also enjoy mismatched clothes with contrasting colors or patterns.

Product information will be updated soon :)

I was lucky enough to attend the Try-On event at Lewkin and I was impressed with the range of styles they offer. You can easily find outfits for any occasion at Lewkin, and the quality and price of their clothes make Korean fashion accessible to people from all over the world.

Product information will be updated soon :)

In conclusion, I'm happy to have found Lewkin and I look forward to building my wardrobe with their stylish and affordable clothes.

Graphic Sweatshirt BF303
Check Pattern Mini Skirt BF307

See Rebecca try on Lewkin clothes. All items are tagged. :)


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