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Lewkin Good Try On

Soft Cottagecore with Lewkin

Lewkiss: Alex, Cailin
Date: Aug 2022
Location: Seorae village, Seocho-gu, Seoul Korea

Dear Lewkiss,

Come and check out our latest try on event with a Cottagecore and soft vibes!

On our last Lewkin try on event we invited two of our Lewkiss: Alex and Cailin to enjoy the romantic and nostalgic atmosphere of the Cottagecore aesthetics.

But what exactly is the soft Cottagecore style?

Cottagecore is a fashion aesthetic celebrating an idealized country life. Traditionally based on rural British and European life, it was developed in the 2010s and in 2018 the style was called the Cottagecore for the first time on Tumblr.

Aesthetics focus on traditional rural clothing, interior design, and crafts such as painting, baking, and pottery, and are related to similar aesthetic movements.

Some sources describe cottagecore as a subculture of Millennials and Gen Z. Aesthetics and Lifestyle Elements Cottagecore's creed not only satisfies its adherents' desire for "nostalgia in its desirable form", but it also helps them escape many forms of stress and trauma.

Cottagecore emphasizes the simplicity and serene tranquility of rural life as an escape from the dangers of the modern world. It was very popular on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Handmade clothing is Cottagecore's hallmark, but there are also products like the 'Strawberry Dress'. Features common to cottagecore are full skirt and sleeves, tulle ruffles, and strawberry embroidery that evokes both nature and jam. All of this incorporates part of Cottagecore's self-sufficiency philosophy. Cottage core clothing often includes long dresses and layered dresses, floral prints and stripes. Our Lewkiss transformed into Cottagecore ladies for one day and took some pretty pictures with us!


This Australian girl is obsessed with fashion and is not afraid to try out new styles. We invited her to spend some time with Lewkin and it turned out great! She gets her inspiration from Tumblr, Youtube and Instagram with Bella Hadid being her main fashion icon. Minimal chic and edgy tomboy styles are the ones she feels most comfortable wearing. Cailin mixes neutral colors with leather or just simple pieces with oversized clothes while building her outfits and we could tell it comes naturally for her.


Alex came to Korea all the way from Romania to marry her Korean boyfriend and since then she has been living in Seoul and getting inspired from the streets while watching Koreans and their fashion sense. She takes her inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and is more of a minimalist when it comes to fashion. Neutrals and earth tones suits her best so this is how you would describe her style with a twist of preppy vibes. We hope you enjoyed this post and maybe we can meet in Seoul in the future?

#lewkingood #lewkingoodtoday #youarelookinggoodtoday

 Lewkin is a place where you can find Korean newest fashion trends and dress as your favourite Korean K-pop star or celebrity. We want every K-fashion lover to be able to express themselves through our clothes and this is why we offer an affordable way to do it with Lewkin ! We have been working extremely hard to meet our Lewkiss in person and share our passion for Korean fashion with you!

See all the outfits we below. All items are tagged. :)

Lewkin Good Try On


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